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Piss and moan, bitch.
Making a point to piss YOU off.
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19th-Jun-2007 02:37 am(no subject)
it's been a while.
looks like it will be a few more days.
2nd-Oct-2005 05:31 pm(no subject)
just a little note to say that yes, i'm alive, and no, i didn't fall off the face of the earth.
16th-Sep-2005 08:16 am - quickie before work.
So apparently at the end of the day i'll know everything i need to know to be a telebanker.
now they can throw me up on the phones, give me help for 2 weeks, and then set me free.
4th-Aug-2005 10:44 pm - last...
one last interview before my fate is decided.

3 pm on august 5th at the bank of america building on montage mountain.
26th-Jul-2005 03:34 am(no subject)
today at 9 am is one of the most signifigant interviews in my reapidly fleeting young adulthood.

there's a possibility that I will be getting paid more than $10 an hour for talking to people all day.

wish me luck!
17th-Jul-2005 04:09 am - Dork moment.
So warp speed. I was thinking about it today, and I came up with a completely baseless theory. Anyone not caring can stop reading now. Anyone remotly interested can laugh at me at the end.

So first, my definition of warp speed is going X times the speed of light. Warp 1 = lightspeed, warp 2 = 2x lightspeed, et cetera.
Secondly, in the movie Dune (Frank Hurbert), Paul Atreides described the process of interstellar travel using the spice as folding the universe infinately upon itself, bringing a point 39278927489274893274 lightyears away right next to you.

So, with these 2 COMPLETELY unrelated 'facts', we can conclude that it is called warp speed because it bends the universe to your needs for speed and distance. You fold the universe in the way that you want. Want to go 10 lightyears away? Fold the universe 10 times by going warp 10. This crap theory of mine doesn't, however, take pinpoint accuracy into consideration at all

I would just like to note that this sounded a LOT better in my head.
8th-Jul-2005 02:20 pm(no subject)
It's the first day at the new job.
Let's see how this works.
3rd-Jul-2005 09:45 pm(no subject)
new arrangements need to be made.
this isn't going to work.
30th-Jun-2005 06:25 pm(no subject)
why can't it be nice and cool all summer?
a nice 80* all year round would really make me a happy camper.
22nd-Jun-2005 08:17 am(no subject)
I broke my tooth in my sleep yesterday because I've been grinding my teeth lately.
Anyone want an assistant?
20th-Jun-2005 08:17 am(no subject)

I am SOO pissed off right now, it's not even funny.
18th-Jun-2005 10:57 am - fight
I want to get into a fight with someone.
4th-Jun-2005 11:15 am - School...
So student loan interest rates are more than likely going up. YIPPIE!!!!!!

President Bush said in his campaigning that he would help Americans get an education. He said that those of us in shitjob situations just need to go to school, and we'll be successful. He also said he'd have his cronies help us with our funds.

I guess this is just our scratch in return.

How can I afford to go back to school when I can't get a better job to pay for it without getting an education that I can't afford?
30th-May-2005 11:24 am - It's been busy...
So since the last time I posted, a LOT has happend.
First major thing is that the building we live in caught on fire in the first floor, so we had to be evacuated. It sucked, but the Red Cross put us up at a hotel for the weekend, so that was pretty awesome. Nothing brings tennants together like a fire in their building.

Secondly, I got paid. Wonderful paycheck, paying my many expenses. How I love thee.

Work still bites the big one, but that shouldn't suprise anyone in the least.

That's about it.
9th-May-2005 10:49 am - Weird...
I've had a lot of dreams involving me and satan.
Most of them are of a less than pure nature.
Some of them actually take me to hell.
I really don't know what to think.
5th-May-2005 12:23 pm - So about that life...
Since the last time I've said anything really insightful about my life, I've not really done a lot.
First thing that happend was after I won the lottery, I got the flu. Typical, isn't it? Really cool thing is, I still have pretty decent luck at scratch tickets. Hear that dad?? I'm lucky again!
Athen paid the deposit on her trailer and she moves into that in a week or so. I helped her bag up winter clothes and pack up non-worn clothes. She also gave away some stuff that she didn't want anymore, which was pretty cool. I'm still sad to see her leave, but I'm glad that she and Sean will be able to live together in their new place. It's a really nice place.

I spent a majority of my lottery winnings on clothes. I bought one complete outfit with 2,903,459,028,784,975 pairs of underwear and a new pair of sandals. This was actually necessary, believe it or not. I had gone home for a lovely doctor appointment but I was so sick that I didn't pack a bag, so all I had on my skanky work clothes which I slept in that day and worked in that night and slept in again that night and it was just bad. But the new clothes were awesome, so I guess it all evens out.

At work, the new boss took over. They said that there wouldn't be any changes, but that was a big fat lie. They keep moving stuff, adding stuff, rearranging counters, moving displays, making new offers that I don't find out about until a customer bitches at me for not knowing it, and making us do more work in general. It's not really bad, just very annoying. I can't wait for the drug dealers to come in and ask for their prepaid cellular minutes in order to arrange deals and pickups. It's going to be exciting. Also, we keep overstocking on the tire gauges that crackheads use as pipes. Pretty soon, we'll sell Chore Boy and small roses with the tiny glass vials. I need a new job.

A few days ago, Marrie and I went to do laundry and this woman had broken down at a gas pump at the station attached to the laundromat. Marrie let her use her phone, and I let her use mine, and she eventually got help. That was the feel good event of the week. Well, that on top of me having almost all of my clothes clean made me feel warm and happy.

Speaking of warm, our house isn't. Our landlord turned off the heat on the first day that he legally could, and then the weather decided to fall into a cold snap that's lasted for almost two weeks. I sleep with three comforters, Marrie and Athena have space heaters, and Sam has an electric blanket. I can't wait to move out of this dive.
On a moving related note, Sam, Marrie and I are all moving to North Carolina when this lease is up. I'm so excited that I'm almost wetting my pants. We plan on moving to Charlotte or the surrounding areas. Everyone should live in every part of the country at least once before settleing down for life. Drink from the cup of life a bit as it were. My parents aren't thrilled of course, but they gave it their blessing, and that's awesome.

I had to get my nose repierced yesterday because I'm a clutz and I ripped my ring out of nose and didn't even notice until a couple hours later. By the time i could do anything about it, the hole had sealed up and I needed it redone. At least the piercing place was nice, and the piercer was hot. It's just annoying that it hurts and I have to go through the whole healing process again for the same piercing. Had it been a new piercing or tattoo, I wouldn't be so bitchy about it.

My federal tax return should be in my posetion within the next few days. I'm really happy about that. It couldn't have come at a better time either, what with summer coming, as well as credit card bills and medical bills still left unpaid. Not to mention that if i pay my bills with this return, I can save my actual paycheck for my moving fund. I don't really have a lot of things that I need to buy, but what I DO need will cost a pretty penny. I'm buying the car that I'm using now from my parents, and I still owe them $4000-ish from college, so this refund and my paychecks will be put to good use.

Grant got a job in New York City working with Nik's company!!!!!!!!!! YAY Grant!!!! This happend a bit ago, but I just got around to finally saying something about it. This gives me the hope that I can succeed at life too; even as an unskilled, under-educated hickette. All I need to do now is develop a marketable skill that doesn't require years of schooling of certified training.

I bought the movie Amelie recently. I've always liked that movie, and I'm glad that I now own it. It's one of my favorite movies.

That's about it for now. Not a whole lot else to report really. Good luck to all my college buddies on their finals this week. Congratulations to all those graduating this year. And yay for all those who've already taken finals and are now home.

Time for sleep.
3rd-May-2005 10:55 am(no subject)
so i forgot.

that's typical.

i'll write that post yet!
2nd-May-2005 12:04 pm(no subject)
i'm going to make a post tonight detailing what's been going on in my life as of late.

don't let me forget.
22nd-Apr-2005 12:50 pm - yarg.
so there's no hot warter in the apartment today.
this state of crap will be maintained for exactly 24 hours befor i get fucking pissed at the landlord and key his goddamn jag sitting in the parking spaces left for us tennants to use.

20th-Apr-2005 09:43 pm - coolest ego-boosting thing
so i was walking back from taco bell with my roommate today, and this guy walks up to us and asks if we have any smokes to spare. and i, being nice and giving and such, give him 3. as my roomie and i are walking away, he asks to talk to me for a minute, alone. now, i'd just like to mention right now that he was kinda cute and not creepy weird, so i said ok and my roomi crossed the street without me. he asked the typical 'you from around here' questions, and then said, 'when i saw you from afar, i was digging you.' that was pretty cool. kinda random, but pretty cool. still, it was a stranger on the street, so i played it cautious and answered with small lies and as little detail as possible.

i just thought it was cool that he hit on me like that.
i guess it's not as cool reading it, but it was pretty cool. i guess you had to be there.

anyway, off to work!!!
16th-Apr-2005 07:18 am - holy crap
i have days off.
this is insanity.
6th-Apr-2005 10:24 am - rant of a sleepy amy
dear whoever,
my cell phone number is NOT a fax machine nor an internet connetion. please stop using it as such. i want to get to sleep eventually. i've been awake since 12 pm yesterday. don't piss me off.

loves and kisses!
5th-Apr-2005 05:29 pm - yarg
trying so hard to find a new job.
yes, i'm staying a unitard.
no, i'm not going to leave just because the new owners are from india. fuck that narrow-minded shit.
i am, however, going to keep my time sheets, only because they never answered the question about overtime pay. it's not racist, it's good business sense. any new owner can change things, and i want to make sure that i'm not going to suffer a pay loss for it.

apartment life is still the same.
30th-Mar-2005 06:19 pm - So my life in general...
Things aren't really in a good place right now. The store that I work for has been bought out by a family from New Jersey. The corporation that I'm working for is going to lay all of us employees off while at the same time we re-apply for our current jobs with the new owners. Right now, I have to evaluate whether or not the $7.50/hr. is worth this trouble, or if I should apply for another job that pays a dollar more but I might not get.

On another related note, my co-workers are really starting to show their true colors and it's really aweful that they would even THINK to call themselves humans. The family who bought our store is originally from India. Big deal, right? Well, the unifying theory of our employment is that the owners will keep us on long enough to train 'their kind' (co-workers' words, not mine) and then lay us off. Everyone is saying this, and I'm getting pretty sick of it. Yeah, it may have happend to you before. Yeah, you may have seen it somewhere else. I've seen foreign families buy businesses all the time and keep the current employees as well, so I just don't understand how everyone can have such a racist attitude about this. This isn't the real world, asshats. It's the paranoid world in which you live in. Don't call me naive because I beleive in equality.

On yet another related note, don't tell me you aren't a fucking racist when you hold the belief that an entire population is going to hold the same traits as a small group. Each person is different, and call me naive or say that I don't live in the real world, but I believe that every person is different and should be given the same chances as I'd expect from everyone else.

Totally unrelated, I'm getting tired of this winter thing. Let's pick up the pace here, nature. Time for sunshine!!!
30th-Mar-2005 08:17 am(no subject)
People disgust me.
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